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                                   Michiko Hayashi


1986.3    Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts (Aesthetics and Art History).

1996.7    Participated to Photography Workshop "CORPUS" by Eiko Hosoe, Daido Moriyama and others.

1999-2001   Attended Department of Photography, Tokyo Polytechnic University.

2016.5    Participated to "2016 Photobook As Object" Workshop by Jan Rosseels and Yumi Goto in collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold.

2017.1    "Hodophylax: The Guardian of the Path” self published.  


​2019.4    Belfast Photo Festival 2019 Open Submission Finalist

2018.9    Singapore International Photography Festival 2018 Photobook Open Call  Finalist

2018.4 KYOTOGRAPHIE 2018  International Portfolio Review ”FUJIFILM AWARD”  Grand Prix 


2017.5    LensCulture / FEATURE "Hodophylax: The Guardian of the Path" 


Photo Fair

​2018.9    Singapore International Photography Festival 2018 

​2018.3    Photobook NZ

2017.10  The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2017

2017.8    The 7th Dali international Photography Exhibition

2016.9    The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016

Solo Exhibition

​2018.10.26-11.8 "Hodophylax ~The Guardian of the Path" KYOTOGRAPHIE Special Edition TOKYOGRAPHIE Opening Program (FUJIFILM SQUARE, Tokyo)

2012.5    “Michi Michi (Paths) ” (Gallery K, Tokyo)

2011.4    “A Grass, A Flower” (Gallery Sokyusha, Tokyo)

Group Exhibition
2018.3    "Photobook as an object / Photobook who cares  process showcase"  (Engine Room Gallery, Wellington)

2016.9    "2016 PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT EXHIBITION by Workshop Participant"  (Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo)

2011.4    "Immediate Issue" (Medamoti showroom, Lausanne)

Michiko Hayashi

Photographer / Visual Story Teller

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