Michiko Hayashi


1986.3    Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts (Aesthetics and Art History).

1996.7    Participated to Photography Workshop "CORPUS" by Eiko Hosoe, Daido Moriyama and others.

1999-2001   Attended Department of Photography, Tokyo Polytechnic University.

2016.5    Participated to "2016 Photobook As Object" Workshop by Jan Rosseels and Yumi Goto in collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold.

2017.1    "Hodophylax: The Guardian of the Path” self published.  


​2019.4    Belfast Photo Festival 2019 Open Submission Finalist

2018.9    Singapore International Photography Festival 2018 Photobook Open Call  Finalist

2018.4 KYOTOGRAPHIE 2018  International Portfolio Review ”FUJIFILM AWARD”  Grand Prix 


2017.5    LensCulture / FEATURE "Hodophylax: The Guardian of the Path" 


Photo Fair

​2018.9    Singapore International Photography Festival 2018 

​2018.3    Photobook NZ

2017.10  The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2017

2017.8    The 7th Dali international Photography Exhibition

2016.9    The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016

Solo Exhibition

​2018.10.26-11.8 "Hodophylax ~The Guardian of the Path" KYOTOGRAPHIE Special Edition TOKYOGRAPHIE Opening Program (FUJIFILM SQUARE, Tokyo)

2012.5    “Michi Michi (Paths) ” (Gallery K, Tokyo)

2011.4    “A Grass, A Flower” (Gallery Sokyusha, Tokyo)

Group Exhibition
2018.3    "Photobook as an object / Photobook who cares  process showcase"  (Engine Room Gallery, Wellington)

2016.9    "2016 PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT EXHIBITION by Workshop Participant"  (Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo)

2011.4    "Immediate Issue" (Medamoti showroom, Lausanne)

Photographer / Visual Story Teller