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Michi Michi (Path)

Since around the spring of 2009, I’ve been taking snapshots on a daily basis, with a small camera hanging from my neck, being guided by some subtle presence that I felt at where I was at that moment. 


The 3.11 earthquake and the subsequent nuclear disaster in Fukushima (2011) gave me a deep shock, even though staying in Tokyo I myself was little hurt.  In my daily photographing behavior, the shooting style was hardly changed either. But the objects that drew my lens did change, rather as a matter of course, along with the change of the way I feel the world.  It is also like what is led to the change in great natural progress. 


I would like to continue taking photographs for every day, about the light and shadow which encounter on the road, with joy of life and the thanks to keep alive now and from now on. 

(2009 - 2012)

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