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A Grass, A Flower

It’s probably the right time for me to start shooting photos of my own.

While enjoying photographs as work, this feeling sprang from the bottom of my heart.

Back then, my work volume was getting less, 

as it was being hit by the consequences of the global financial crisis.  

I suddenly had ample free time, which I spent wandering about day after day. 

I was able to take photos on a constant basis whenever something subtle drew my attention. 


I devoted my time to strolling here and there just on whims that came up to me on the spot.

That said, much of my trips just covered my neighborhood in the town I was living in,

a place I had moved in after grown up and felt little familiar with.

Then I found myself starting to cherish the town from my heart,  as I began to feel its life, 

evidenced by subtle, daily images that I peeped through my camera and lens.


Grasses, flowers, insects, birds, fish, dogs, cats….and humans, too

We all share one planet earth, basking in the blessing of sunshine, 

appreciating our lives that are made alive in the blessings.  


The photographs on show trace a down-to-earth footage of my daily life, 

which I captured day by day from the spring of  2009  until 2011.

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